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“Volunteerism is a source of community strength, resilience, solidarity and social cohesion. It brings positive social change by fostering respect for diversity, equality and the participation of all. It is among society’s most vital assets.”

- Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General, United Nations

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Corporate Leaders Commit to Supporting the un TO ACHIEVE THE World's Development Agenda.

Founding Partner companies convey their commitment to the mission of IMPACT 2030 though a one-time Founding Partner donation to help establish this global initiative. This status is retained for the 15 year duration of IMPACT 2030. More details
Collaborating Partners make an annual membership contribution to support the sustainability and growth of IMPACT 2030.
There will be multiple avenues to pledge support for the mission of IMPACT 2030.  

Companies of all sizes and geographic locations are invited to become an IMPACT 2030 Founding or Collaborating Partner.  Companies can also join other  Stakeholders, including civil society, governments, philanthropic organizations, and academic institutions,  by participating in the IMPACT 2030 Network.
Email indicating your interest in joining the IMPACT 2030 Network and an IMPACT 2030 member will be in touch shortly. 
Stakeholders from civil society, academia, philanthropic organizations and the public sector are invited to join the IMPACT 2030 Network.   The IMPACT 2030 Network does not require a financial commitment.